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1) Justin Miller (DFA Records), Joanne Cruz de la Cruz 2) Jordan Silver and Josh Madden. (Two brothas from anotha motha) Bike riding to the next spot in nyc.

Random shots of NYC

Rickey and Sky (Flight Club/Cartel Goods/LTD) of Riottt hosted a social down at the koi lounge. 1) Rickey, Sky, Logan 2)Jakuan, Timmy, Sung 1) John, Chad, Jiae from Theme 2) Sung, Hawaii, Jakuan 1) Haze, Omar 2) A-Trak, Bijules

A slice of nyc

Our buddy Aimee Santos spotted Fergie in our Turq jeans in ‘life in style’ mag on her flight home to L.A. from south east asia. Raybans, lighting bolt vee neck tee and cassette jeans… Sounds like kids we know…. Styled by Renie P.

Stacy Ferguson aka Fergie

Everybodies knows about Apple’s new iphone. Everybody knows people have been bugg’n out waiting for the new iphone. I mean standing in line to get a phone… lets think about that for a minute, are you crazy….  but thats what people have done.. People have gone mad with the new iphone, partly thanks to our […]

iphone, your phone, wheres myphone

Rickey stopped by the studio the other day, it’s always nice when he stops by to say hi and fills us in as to what he’s been doing, and what projects he’s been working on.. During his last visit, he was kind enough to drop off a Cremaster 3 book by Mathew Barney. He said […]

Cremaster 3

1.) Ten Bells is an old pub est 1753.. a place where good o’l Jack the Ripper used to frequent. P.T. sent us these pics of cassette posted up in the east end-London.

London Calling

Cassette stickers spotted at pipe.

Pipeline Hawaii

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