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Back State side, I was behind a man in his military uniform. We were in the same line going through security at the airport. He was with his absolutely beautiful wife and his young boy.  We get to a point in the line where non ticket holders cannot pass.. His wife and their son were […]

Thank you

Club Berns, Stockholm All the girls look like this.. All the guys look like this.


Night Walks Stockholm

Night Walks Stockholm

Palace in Stockholm.


Illuminati Handels

Illuminati Handels

Church : Stockholm.


Cemetery : Stockholm


Roll’n 6 deep in Stockholm.. One of which is home girl Mia one of the sweetest and one of the more talented designers around. Sista keeping it gangster at the dinner table..(no photoshop)


Photo: “Brain Waves” Series.

Brain Waves

Photo: “Brain Waves” Series.

Brain Waves

Photo: “Brain Waves” Series

Brain Waves

Photo: “Brain Waves” Series

Brain Waves

Photo: “Brain Waves” No Photoshop..

Brain Waves

On to the next spot..

Raise your hands

Everybody say HO….

Everybody say HO


Skate Spot Stockholm.

Skate Spot

Top of the morning.. A little rosé to start the day..


Good Morning or Good Night


Posted up at the Lydmar Hotel during our stay in Stockholm.. Art hung everywhere as well as art books laying about everywhere… I really appreciated the open layout and the use of non private spaces in the dinning area. The bar was treated somewhat like a library.  Perfect if you ever need a night cap.. […]

Lydmar Hotel

Like a moth to flame burned by the fire.

Like a Moth to Flame..

One hour outside Oslo Norway.


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