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Word from the street… Josh Madden played at Webster Hall NYC the other night… He took a snap of what he saw on the wall…. BooYeah.

Webster Hall NYC

Linkin Park performed at the Premiere of Transformers 2 in Westwood. This was a huge production, basically closing down a good portion of Westwood for the Movie premiere and the live performance of Linkin Park. Joe Hahn(Linkin Park) hooked up couple of passes to the event.. and it was all good in the hood.. The […]

Linkin Park Westwood

Every time I go to Hong Kong I have to stop by this place called Little Sheep.  It’s the OG shabu-shabu (from China).. When you walk in to the restaurant it smells of spices and curry.. You can order the half and half broth base.  On one side  it’s like salty chicken soup,  and the other […]

LA Has Hot-Pot

Check this Art piece out.. It’s called The Box.. The Box from mudlevel on Vimeo. Thanks Jeremiah and Jo.

The Box

Besides the classic cars and great weather, there is another reason to like Southern California.. Most everyone can have their own garden.. This is Mr. Kling’s garden… Mr. Kling is one bad ass dude. A man’s man, and a veteran of war.. Anyone that knows Mr. Kling knows he’s cut from a different cloth, part scientist, […]

Gardening 101

Brooklyn Bridge one of the most stunning bridges to walk…

BK’s Finest…

I’m really into Jose Parla’s (aka ease) work.. I think it strikes a cord in me cuz of the graff/street background.. Jose has successfully honed that flavor into the white-box art world.  His work is always an inspiration… I could only hope one day to own a small scribble of Jose Parla’s work.. Between the […]

Jose Parla

On set of BoA’s new music video..  Baggy pants, diamonds glued to her face, and the side of her head in corn rows…..uuuuhuh.. Shorty can dance…

BoA’s New Video

We rolled to the Pasadena Classic Car Show this weekend.. Boy oh boy.. what a site…. Something about owning and taking care of a rare beauty, admiring her, having others admire her, washing her, polishing her, preferring her to others, and sometimes driving her like she wants to be driven…. must be in guys DNA….  […]

Classic Motors

Buddy Bronques is in town and we get to catch up late night at an empty pizza spot.. But before we get to the pizza spot, I roll up to pick him up and he’s in a car talking to some girls… as soon as I get there and say hi, he kindly ends the […]

Bronques in LA

Got a nice package from me hermano Tony Arcabascio, OG ny head and founding member of Alife (who’s on to bigger things these days).  Tony’s a true artist at heart. Tony doesnt like to half step, or come in second.. He’s from a school where being called wack or doing something wack is unacceptable.  Knowing […]


Don’t you love it when you get some Malasadas hand carried from Leonard’s Hawaii.. Leonard’s Bakery founded in 1952.. Malasadas a Portuguese and Hawaiian tradition…  Soooo good..

Leonards Malasadas

After Bardot we headed over to our girl Mariel’s (Stylist Extraordinaire) B-Day Party at Roosevelt Penthouse rooftop.. Happy Birthday Girl.. 1,2) Roosevelt Penthouse Rooftop 2) Jerry, Rickey 1) Mariel 2) Marlon, Mariel

Happy Birthday Mariel

Buddy Joanimal was gallivanting around Europe when she told me about Lykke’s semi-secret private performance at Bardot.. When we pulled up there was TMZ, paparazzi’s and a total scene..  None the less we were able to get on Lykke’s list and got in with noooo problemo… 1)Inside/Outside 2) Jennie, Teresa Lykke killed it.. Lykke at […]

Lykke at Bardot

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