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Got some Tretorn’s from the guys at Puma…. These shoes are perfect if you lookin for some nice lightweight summer canvas shoes.. Thank you. Big props to Tony B. for being the one behind the brand and to have the vision and the know how to resurrect something that we all forgot about.. Factoid: Tretorn’s […]

Summer Tretorns

Went to see the Lakers smoke some Nuggets in the 4th quarter to Win Game 5 of the Western Conference Finals.. Series Lakers 3 – Nuggets 2..

Lakers Win Game 5

Another great book for all you collectors/denim heads..  Simply titled Found this book is amazing.. It’s one of those stories where someone was walking through a field and found an deteriorating abandon barn. Curiosity called them into the barn for some exploration and they found their way up to the attic. Lo and behold they […]


I’m gonna be play’n this all Summer.. I think this is gonna be my 09 Summer Anthem! (click play button below) NYC [audio:] Wake up your neighbors with this every morning…

Summer Anthem

A weird thing that I do since I started traveling for work is I try to hold on to my airplane boarding passes.  I haven’t been able to hold on to them all but here’s a good sign of what ten plus years and a million miles looks like (I have more boarding passes).

Boarding Passes

Buddy Rickey Kim and Maestro recently released this trailer that they shot little more than 6 months ago. Nice to see this start to come out.  Nice one guys. Via Rickey The Process (trailer) from Evil Monito Magazine

Rickey-Levi-Portraits of the Process

After watching the Angels and Demons movie I met up with Josh Madden and his buddy. We headed to the Anvil Movie opening at the Nu-Art. The Anvil Movie is awesome… Definitely  go see it and support those guys..(I want to say buy one of their 13’ll understand after seeing the movie..) They are […]

Anvil the Movie

Went to a private Angels & Demons screening inside Sony Studio’s in Culver City. Before they started the screening a Big Brotha went up to the front and held up some night vision monocular and said we are watching you, no phones, no texts, no recording devices, and no photos doing so is against Federal […]

Angels And Demons Screening

I was doing some research for a client who wanted help in the distressed denim dept. and ran into this little gem. If your into denim Iro-Ochi “Faded Beauty” a must cop if you can get it from someone who has an extra copy. I don’t think they were ever sold at retail. I am […]

Iro-Ochi “Faded Beauty”

Thought I’d post this book in reference to the Jackie 15 years later post.. ‘A Life in Pictures’ of Edith Bouvier Beale of Grey Gardens. Now turned into HBO show.. Originally a documentary film in 1975. *The film depicts the everyday lives of the Edith Beales, a reclusive socialite mother and daughter (of the same […]

Edith Beale of Grey Gardens

Roof top Hong Kong. 35mm, Hand held.

Roof top in Hong Kong

Nike flew in a few heads from out of town to preview some skate shoe release….Which is cool cuz I was able to have lunch with Tim-Coolhunting, Jeff-Selectism and Blake from Redblack at the good ol El Compadre’s on Sunset.  It was good catchin up with Jeff,  I always enjoy talking with him and hearing […]

Coolhunting X Selectism

California Wonders: We headed up to Hippie Valley (aka Yosemite) before the summer crowds.  During our stay we caught some amazing weather.  We caught some natural mystic weather (clouds coming and going, appearing disappearing.)  Time almost stays still up there (No internet, no phone service).  Thing are just different up in Yosemite Valley and I […]

Natural Mystic

Met up with Siki (Helmut Lang) for a little brunch and pick up SuChin on the way.. Both whom are in town doing a little biz from nyc..  Good catching up with these folks.. Good times..

Siki X SuChin

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros @ The Regent

Edward Sharpe @ The Regent

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