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Paris 26 Gigapixels… Giga what.. Giga who?!?! Thanks Abe.

26 Gigapixels Paris

Old geezer Paul Taylor from London-town (old link) stopped by L.A. for a shopping trip.. He was kind enough to bring me the first issue of Inventory “A Curation of Ideas Product, Craft & Culture.”  It’s like a street version of Monocle.. In the issue there’s interviews from, Nigel Cabourn Miser Freedom Nom de Guerre […]

Inventory Mag

Lunch Box at Teddy’s 1) Ibn, Neran 2) Hollywood Holt 1) Peter, Rhea 2) Ant, Franda


Rolled up to Steve’s gun club in Orange County.. My 10 round group from 30 feet. 9mm pistol hand held upright. Steve.. (The Target is at 30 feet)

On Target

Alice “in wonderland”.


This tattoo story starts off with a afternoon shopping with buddy Joel Madden, and then some alone time at Central Park. After my alone time in snowy Central Park I went and got ready for some fashion and night time antics, I can’t get into tooo much detail, but the day went a little something […]

Chanel Tattoo

Buddy Jeremiah Griffiths gets into town as I am doing my last minute rounds… We caught up at our other buddy Morgan’s Surf shop Saturdays and had caught up for a bit over a cup of coffee. Really nice catching up.. Excited for you my man.. If your in the SoHo area, and want to […]


Red Umbrella NYC (Color Photo, Hand held, No Photoshop)

Red Umbrella NYC

Winter 2010 NYC. (Color Photo, Hand held, No Photoshop)

Winter 2010 NYC

Two Twins in Central Park. Winter 2010 NYC. (Color, Hand held, No Photoshop)

Two Twins in Central Park

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