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Got a texted whilest at dinner.. saying “it’s going off.. come over…” Spank Rock, Pase Rock and Santogold rock’d the house at the Bellagio… 1)Brandon, Shannie 2) James, Dawn

Whut whut…

David y’ Marcella of Kangol played dinner host Tuesday night, Rickey, Sky, Anne-55dsl, Bradly-Complex, Jared/Chris/Jia-Nylon Magazine and myself. While the cassette crew was back at the suite jumping it off with Wendy City on the tables.. We all meet up later over at the Bellagio to watch Spank Rock, Pase Rock and Santogold perform. This […]

David y’ Marcella

Stashes and stashes..

This season the gathering for Bespoke III came in three parts (Bespoke II Last season). Part 1, A private dinner with an open bar. Part 2, after diner private party again with an open bar. And part 3, a relaxing day spa treatment. There was a lot special invited guests at dinner, here are some […]

Bespoke III- Dinner

  Talked with the nice people over at Check out our little Q&A session.

Groove effect

There is something about journals that lends it self to honesty. A personal journal is often a place where one jots down new ideas/techniques, notes to self, sketches, words, or cut out pictures/collages.. In the new issue of Theme magazine John and Jiae reveal a private look into the journals of some of todays well […]

private journals

I am glad we are using some of the best people in the industry. Here’s a few behind the scene photos on how we assure our quality control. 1) Lab dips. 2) Color fastness. Super bright light that is suppose to duplicate the effects of sunlight in a short period of time. 1) Oven 2) […]

quality control

DJ AM spotted sport’n our TDF tee. Spotted by none other than cobrasnake.

in the mix

Our girl Caroline (model and hair doer upper extraordinaire) was in town and stopped to say hi. Caroline is one of those girls, guys dream about. She’s smart, down to earth, giving, knows how to laugh, and stunningly beautiful. More pics of Caroline in our fall campaign coming soon. Sneak Peek here. Congratulations!

C. Prince

Check out the illest cop car…

cop car

When two of your good buddies tell you that you should go watch a new film cuz they think you would like it.. You prob should go check it out.. Josh Madden and Joanne Cruz was telling me about This is England. Skin heads, Ben Sherman, Fred Perry, Doc Martins, in the 80’s. Definitely worth […]

this is england

On our way back to our studio we stopped by to say hi to Wendycity. She was spinning at a pirate bar in downtown a few blocks away from our studio.

X-Marks the spot

New York is a city full of inspiration. A good friend took us to an abandoned ship in the city. Check out a couple pictures.

abandoned ship nyc

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