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Kicked at the EM studio in Echo Park this weekend.. Enjoyed some beers and watch the day go by.. 1)Haze 2) Klipsch


Audrina Patridge of the Hills spotted wearing our jeans..

Audrina in Turquoise

Our buddy John Lee of Theme Magazine (nyc) swung by the studio to pick me up to go have lunch with Christian Hosoi. John recently wrote a nice piece on Christian in Theme for the Rebel issue. I haven’t seen Christian in ages.. We used to live a block and a half from each other. […]

Christian Hosoi

Check out what our buddy Josh Madden styled using our Bruno Jacket.. 1) Matt of Kill Hannah..

Kill Hannah

Our girl SuChin is a host on the new eco show “G Word” on Discovery green channel.. She gave us a new little eco-sphere.. It’s soo cool. It’s a little sealed glass ball that is totally self sustaining. Here some words on the eco-sphere:: Contained in each of these beautifully crafted spheres are several key […]


Our buddy SuChin was in town for a hot sec. Before going back to New York she found some free time and swung by the studio. On our way to get some food we swung by to pick up Rickey Loc.. 1) The Yummy yummy.. “Cha Cha Cha” {Virgil and Melrose} 1) Shortstop.. {Sunset} . […]

SuChin – Pehrspace

Scarlett Johansson on the cover of this months Nylon.. Shout to Dani Stahl for the sticker hit on the guitar bag (Boo Yeah..) and Laura V for clean images.. and shout to Taylor Rae Lee for the heads up..


Snap shot of the 1st day of summer from around the world.. Factoid.. for those that are in tune with Mayan/Aztec calender… This year 2008 and on 2012 summer lands on June 20th. Most all other years summer starts on June 21st..

Summer 2008

Perfect summer time hit… White cassette jeans in Complex Mag…. Shout out to the girls at complex..a gracious thank you, Kelly and Anoma..

Complex : Cassette White Jean

Our buddy Joel Madden and his girl Nicole Ritchie came over for a little shopping at our studio.. 1) Joel’s outfit by cassette.. Photo: One of the vultures that followed them throughout their day..

Joel Madden

It’s cool living in L.A. cuz it’s so easy to roll to the range and peel some caps… Every once in a while when you get the urge to peel some caps, you can just start bustin caps in the air.. (I kid, I kid..) There are plenty of indoor ranges to safely let loose […]

Peel’n Caps

The new WeHo Wednesday night hot spot.. Crown Bar…. Met up with Joel Madden, Nicole, Tal and Carey Hart.. Peep the vultures outside.. there were probably 15+ paparazzi out side in waiting.. It was even funnier inside, ummm I would say it was 17 to 1 girl to guy ratio.. 1) Carey Hart, Tal 2) […]

Crown Bar

I broke the silence.. Our not so secret, secret spot.. After our press event we were starving.. so we rolled up to Taco Zone.. Suadero tacos.. Pure Love.. Alvarado and Sunset. Open Late…

Taco Zone

Our buddy Andrea Westerlind has a beautiful show room called All That She Wants.. She invited us to parttake in the press event with that she had last night.. All That She Wants showroom space is amazing.. 4 story penthouse space in down town.. with a patio deck and jacuzzi outside on the rooftop.. Brands: […]

All That She Wants

Kenny Mac stopped by today for a little lunch meeting.. He wanted some home town Mexican food.. I was like ohh word.. I got the perfect place for you.. We took the supercharged STS.. And we headed into the cut.. You know your in the cut when you see bars on all the windows, weight […]


The store opening for Rising Sun was this weekend.. The brand concept focuses on the golden yesteryears of denim and garments crafted with period-correct machines and methods. For the opening there was on display a once in a lifetime display of rare turn of the century denim garments and some 1930’s Hot Rods.. 1) Face […]

Rising Sun

Footlong Development and FroLab presented Happy Feet.. Bobbito Garcia aka Kool Bob Love, Rich Medina, and Dj Rashida.. 1) Big Rich 2) Bobbito

Happy Feet

Picked up Tal at the DCMA store last night on the way to the Nylon and Myspace launch party for Nylon’s new issue. 1)Scarlett Johansson on the Cover of the new Nylon. 2) Big up Santogold.. 1)Pat-Volcom, Tal-DCMA 2) Kyle – X games gold medalist, Casey. 1) There was a few stations of Rock Band […]

Nylon – Myspace Party.

Jeff Koons (born January 21, 1955) is an American artist. He is noted for his use of kitsch imagery using painting, sculpture, and other forms, often in large scale. The Broad Contemporary Art Museum @ LACMA. The Bolloon Dog is Massive..

Jeff Koons

Charles Ray one ill ass artist.. born 1953, Chicago Illinois, USA. The artist lives and works in Los Angeles. The Broad Contemporary Art Museum @ LACMA. Firetruck 1993.. (Life size toy truck..) (not a medicom collabo)

Charles Ray

Cindy Sherman b. January 19, 1954. An American photographer and film director of the office killer, best known for her conceptual self-portraits. The Broad Contemporary Art Museum @ LACMA.

Cindy Sherman

Mike Kelly The Broad Contemporary Art Museum @ LACMA.

Mike Kelly

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