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Another 3am banger.. Shout out to all the people who came thru and brought their dancing shoes for the dance off’s.. That was great!! Special shout out to Dark Alley, Nate Day, Blu Jemz (Happy Birthday!), NoMsg, urthworm, roamzilla and to Pase Rock for jumping on the tables and having fun with us. Good times. […]


Got my Burton gear in the mail, team rider edition Custom (in black) with ics (infinite channel rail system), c60 bindings, pants, board bag, gloves, socks. Boots are on their way.. Ready to ride..


Stopped by Rickey’s place yesterday to say Merry Christmas and to see him befor he left for Korea. Old chap is gonna be gone for three weeks. We got a chance to catch up and did a little philosophysing. Before I left he said E. Haze wanted him to give me a numbered print for […]

E. Haze

The cassette crew and friends roll up to mammoth for our own 3day weekend. We all had a blast. Rode all day and played a little texas hold’em at night.. It was a perfect end of the year getaway to say thanks for everyones long hours and hard work in the office. Up on the […]


Just landed back in LA this morning. Headed into the office for a few hours as soon as I landed.. Then had to break out home to get some rest after the long journey home.. My rest only to be short lived so we could head out to watch Bjork’s last performance in the states […]


Three new paintings to coincide with three of his newest toys.

Michael Lau

Fashion photographer Terry Richardson’s exhibition “From Rio to Hong Kong.” The show had a whole bunch of inflated tits, ass, and dudes holding their ding dongs. Here’s a couple… Life size Toy of Terry Richardson by Michal Lau

Terry Richardson : Michael Lau

1)Head shakin, DJ booth climbing Kid Millionaire, 2) Dj Darrel, resident DJ of the two most exclusive members only clubs in town.

HK Nightlife

Terence, a dear old friend of mine invited me over to have a drink and to check out his new flat while I was Hong Kong. He’s living in the penthouse on the 50th floor of a newly developed estate. Homie has his own private deck above his flat, perfect for year around bbq’s. Check […]

City Top

Andy and Kathleen invited me to dinner. I had thought we were going to just meet up at their flat and then go somewhere near by…I had no idea that Kathleen was going to prepare a wonderful home cooked meal. Very nice of you guys. It is so nice to have a home cooked meal […]

Home Cook’n in Hong Kong

The weather this time of year in Hong Kong is really great. You can actually wear a jacket. Pretty much as soon as I got into town I headed to a ‘Variety’ charity event (not trying to sound all posh) to meet up with a couple of buddies, Kathleen and Andy. The charity event was […]

Hong Kong Island

L.A.’s emerging punk scene from 1978 now showing at Bergamot Station at Track 16. Photographs by Ann Summa. —— Quoted from the poster. —— Los Angeles: Photographs by Ann Summa Ann Summa was returning from five years in Sierra Leone, Africa, and Tokyo, Japan when she landed in the mist of L.A.’s newly-born punk scene […]

Punks Jump Up

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