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Quote from the Heineken Inspire event.


Banksy’s Park in down town LA.


It’s been blazing hot these last couple of days, so I’ve been making sure to do some watering and some gardening. While tending to the plants I saw these amazing flowers in full bloom.. Then I noticed these two cool flowers coming out of the same bud! (Lotus Flower, mushrooms, leafs and cherry blossoms.)

Two Flowers, One Bud

This is Mr. Wallace, the quiet third member of The Hundreds.  I don’t think he has majority share of the company but I can say he’s well taken care of. And if there is ever a time when Ben and Bobby can’t come to an agreement as to what project to tackle next.. I think […]

Mr Wallace

Joe Hahn of Linkin Park played his new album A Thousand Suns for us..  They got some heavy bangers in there..

Joe Hahn

Had lunch with Joe Hahn of Linkin Park and Bobby from The Hundreds. We rolled up to Señor Fish (1st and Alameda). They serve great fish tacos. Gotta love the salsa bar.

Señor Fish

One of the things I like about Hawaii is that getting something for a good deal is sorta always ‘trending’. It’s like local knowledge, you gotta know where they have the tastiest, biggest and best plate lunches on any side of the island. One trend that has been around since I can remember are these […]


Long Beach.

Long Beach

Buddy Josh Madden rep’n the nycparis sticker along with the All Access pass..

JM All Access

Happy Margarita Friday.

Margarita Friday

Artist Entrance. We should see more of these..

Artist Entrance

If your a connoisseur of Choco Pies get your paws on a box of Alfajores de Havanna.

Alfajores de Havanna

Should all women smell so good?


Touch of Hawaii in Los Angeles. Sweet Smelling Plumeria’s Wild Parrots (There was a flock of them in the tree).

Touch of Hawaii in LA

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