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The other day buddy John Hensley (Nip Tuck also pro motorcycle racer) and I rolled over to Alpine Stars for a day at K-1 Speed Go Karts.. K-1 is awesome, these go karts move.. and they are state of the art electric powered machines.. These little bad boys are soo fun.. If you haven’t checked […]

K1 Karting

Some inspiration in designing the new Linkin Park hats..

Wall of Military Logos

The other day Joe Hahn and I had another design meeting with the guys from NewEra to produce some special Linkin Parks hats… This time around we met up at Joe Hahn’s house (Last time we rolled down to their design HQ in OC.). Here’s some NewEra hats that were thrown on the table as […]

New Era Design Meeting

Linkin Park performed at the Premiere of Transformers 2 in Westwood. This was a huge production, basically closing down a good portion of Westwood for the Movie premiere and the live performance of Linkin Park. Joe Hahn(Linkin Park) hooked up couple of passes to the event.. and it was all good in the hood.. The […]

Linkin Park Westwood

On set of BoA’s new music video..  Baggy pants, diamonds glued to her face, and the side of her head in corn rows…..uuuuhuh.. Shorty can dance…

BoA’s New Video

Buddy Bronques is in town and we get to catch up late night at an empty pizza spot.. But before we get to the pizza spot, I roll up to pick him up and he’s in a car talking to some girls… as soon as I get there and say hi, he kindly ends the […]

Bronques in LA

Buddy Rickey Kim and Maestro recently released this trailer that they shot little more than 6 months ago. Nice to see this start to come out.  Nice one guys. Via Rickey The Process (trailer) from Evil Monito Magazine

Rickey-Levi-Portraits of the Process

After watching the Angels and Demons movie I met up with Josh Madden and his buddy. We headed to the Anvil Movie opening at the Nu-Art. The Anvil Movie is awesome… Definitely  go see it and support those guys..(I want to say buy one of their 13’ll understand after seeing the movie..) They are […]

Anvil the Movie

Went to a private Angels & Demons screening inside Sony Studio’s in Culver City. Before they started the screening a Big Brotha went up to the front and held up some night vision monocular and said we are watching you, no phones, no texts, no recording devices, and no photos doing so is against Federal […]

Angels And Demons Screening

Heard that they closed down Hollywood Blvd for a Depeche Mode show… Met up with Joanne, Teresa, and Juanita at Teresa’s house in Los Feliz. We saw the thousands upon thousands of hard core fans already in line.. By 4pm the line for admission extended from Hollywood Blvd to Sunset at least fifty people wide, […]

Depeche Mode Hollywood Blvd Show

Rolled down to Palm Springs for Coachella weekend.. Buddies, Josh Madden, Sky, and Timmy flew in from nyc to conduct interviews with bands who were in Palm Springs for Coachella…. Neran and I cruised down and met up with the nyc heads at Ace hotel.. 1) Josh in the mist of one of his interviews, […]

Palm Springs

Went down south with Joe Hahn of Linkin Park to the New Era Design Office.  We took his Bat Mobile.. Worked with Mario over at New Era on some new hats…(will keep you posted) Here’s a pic of the wall of shame at New Era.. After New Era we went over to Suzuki and met […]

New Era

Dropped by buddy Joe Hahn’s (Linkin Park) studio… A kid could have a lot of fun over here…..

Studio Visit

Special shout to all those to came out to our SxSW party.. Big thanks to our buddies from Think, thanks to JM for spinning.. good times… And thanks to the guys who jumped into the pool.. Considering how cold the pool was, that was awesome…. And an ultra big shout out to all the people […]

SxSW Party

After the wonderful Breakfast Tacos.. Joel took me to a little secret spot.. The Serengeti of Austin…. No joke.. miles upon miles of Texas land with Wild Animals.. Shit was bananas.. We went off road’n for miles reaching Lakes and ponds with stocked fish.. Heards of Gizelles, Zebras, Giraffes, Turtles, Buffalo….all on private property, shit […]

Serengeti of Austin

Good ol buddy Joel del la Cruz was dope enough to pick me up from the airport.. We headed straight in town..  Met up with Hiromi, Kat, and Yasha for a beer and then headed to Beauty Bar for the You Tube party.. 2) Good ol buddy Mike C. (Hit + Run.) Rep’n..

You Tube

Rolled up to BoA’s U.S. album release party/performance..  People say BoA’s the Britney Spears(At the height of her career minus the whole shaving the head, K-Fed thing) of Asia, selling over (eeh hemm.. )  34 million records as a young solo artist.. Wowzers… 1) Crowd forming.. 2) Cee-Lo, BoA, Farnsworth.. 1,2) BoA’s performing her new […]

BoA’s US Album release

Cassette after party was at Chloe.. Downtowns dopest little hot spot.. Big thanks to Mike, M, Belvedere, Tony, Kenny, Jared, Morgan.. 1) Josh Madden 2) Chau, Ly 1) Jenn, Claudine 2) Stas, Shannie 1) Hunter 2) Selina 1) Joanne, Kat 2) Mike, Errol 1) John, Rich 2) Andy

Cassette :: Chloe

A little clip from our backstage lounge..

HOC-Mercedes Benz-Fashion Week-FW09

A huge thank you to W Hotels and Think PR for hosting a viewing of our new campaign and as well allowing us to present a selection of our new collection.. The VIP W Hotels back stage lounge was truly back stage of the tents in Bryant Park.. The W lounge was where VIPs/Celebrities(Justin Timberlake)/Press […]

Back Stage Bryant Park NYC Fashion Week

Andre and Belvedere hosted a pop up club called Le Barron at the Bowery Hotel. Pure New York City.. 1) Mark Ronson on the wheels of steel.. Lindsay Lohan in the back ground.. 2) Sam Ronson on the mic.. Hunter in the background. 1) Daniel Merriweather killing it.. 2) Carol, SuChin 1) Laura, Hunter 2) […]

Le Barron at the Bowery Hotel

We’ll be hosting the Backstage VIP W Hotel Lounge at the tents in Bryant Park. If your in the Bryant park area.. please come by and take a break, have some drinks and a pop burger. We are presenting our new campaign. Monday February 16th 5-7pm W Hotels Backstage VIP Lounge Bryant Park Backstage Entrance […]

Bryant Park VIP Lounge

Rolled up to visit our Buddy Josh Madden and the kids from White Tie Affair.. Josh was styling the White Tie Affairs new video shoot.. While they were shooting the White Tie Affair video, the crew from Hills came on set cuz their friends of the White Tie Affair and next thing you know we’re […]

White Tie Affair

Went for a visit to Stash’s office, studio, warehouse.. The place is ill… Stash goes way way back.. He had us in stitches… calling out guys when they were just getting their teeth cut.. He’s sitting on a lot of history.. Nuff Respect.


Mark Franandez took us over to Kandisnsky’s studio….


After Omen. Mark Fernandez took us to this guys studio in soho.. Amazing Man Cave.. I was drooling.. Joe and him were talking shop. I never seen a studio quite like this.. It looked like you were piloting a sound ship.. and we were in the captains chair.. I asked him play something loud and […]

Studio- Sound

Imprint LA 2008:: A 1 day conference was with Kenya Hara-Art Director for MUJI, Sean Baptiste-Rock Band, Hiroshi Fujiwara-Fragment, David Wilson-Kangol, jeffstaple-STPL, Michael Kuhle-Lomography, John C Jay-W+K.. and many others. Below are a couple of pics of Hiroshi Fujiwara-Fragment, David Wilson-Kangol, jeffstaple-STPL, Michael Kuhle-Lomography, and John C Jay-W+K as moderator.. speaking on “The Cult of […]

Imprint LA

To wrap up New York Fashion Week Think PR, Style 360, Metropolitan home and Showtime took over a 5 story 20 Million dollar house in Gramercy Park and threw a party… 1)Claudine Gumbel, Reshma Patel- Think PR 2)A closet.. 1) One of the bedrooms.. 2) Chair 1) One of the bathrooms 2) Butterflies flying from […]

Keys to the Park.. Gramercy Park

Talked with Josh Madden and he was just getting off of work so we met up and headed up to the Condé Nast building to vist Eugene from Details.. Condé Nast don’t play.. that place is high security Yo… While talking with Eugene inside Details I saw the hallways lined side by side, racks upon […]

Details Magazine

Went up to Complex Magazine HQ and paid a visit to Karlyn, Anoma, Kelly and crew.. Everyone seams to be up to some cool things.. Karlyn was editing a new segment featuring Krink.. And Anoma was working with complex photographer Matt Doyle on some really cool shots for the next issue.. Anoma was nice enough […]

Complex Magazine

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