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Rolled up to the Oak party.. 1)Billy, Jennie, Ant 2) Mike, Friend 1) Steve, Morgan 2) Teresa, Anh 1) Paul, Ant 2) Colin, Joanne

Oak NYC Party

After the show theres an after party and….

After Party

CASSETTE DEBUTS SPRING 09 COLLECTION AT NEW YORK FASHION WEEK Inspired by winters first thaw and the seasons symbolic new beginnings, the Spring 09 collections embody Cassettes own voyage and growth as a fashion force. After entering the scene with its formidable denim collection, the line has incorporated the fluidity of silk in its tops […]

Cassette Spring ’09 Runway Collection

Behind the scenes look into the maddness… Behind the scenes photos brought to you by Robert Hamada, Lisa Graham, Jennie and runway resources. . More behind the scenes photos from Mr.Kim, Bronques, MarktheCobraSnake,


The day of torrential down poor… Claudine was sooo kind to let us to use her Stylist Closet/ Specialty Boutique Caravan (91st and Park).. For the next 40hrs we used Caravan as HQ to work out the run of show.. 1)Ant having fun…2)Ant, Josh, Jae While we were indoors working out the cadence of the […]

Day V

Makeup and madness.. Josh bustin triple shifts.. He’s been workin at Epic putting his finishing touches on a record.. Then coming down to help us… Then going out and grabbing shoes and accessories for the models.. Sarah Munoz makeup stylist for cassette came up from Maryland to work with the make up crew to create […]

Day IV

Rolled over to Nylon Magazine to meet up with Samantha.. and talked with our buddy Faran.. 1)Faran, Samantha. . After chilling at Nylon for a while had to go back to Think PR for more castings..


Valentino :: Rolled up to an Exhibit Honoring the man himself Valentino Garavani.. 1)Josh, Siki 2) The Legendary Mary J. Blige! . Josh and I then rolled up to the Waverly Inn to grab some grub. We were lucky enough to sit at the booth where Sting usually sits.. SuChin, and Laura was near by […]

Night III

Went uptown to meet with our head hair stylist. Sarah posing as model.. After our hair appointment we went down to Soho to style our outfits.. (Sarah modeling and Tara in the last photo.)

Day II

After castings and putting together outfits.. we were beat… We headed over to get some noodles down in LES then rolled over to Rob’s back yard and sat outside to make some game plans for the next few days..

Night II

Headed over to Think PR for castings all day..

Day 1

Preping for our nyc runway fashion presentation.. 1st night in the city.. I met up Josh and Stas we went and got some amazing viggie food at Atlas. 1)Stas 2)Josh Then Rob Hamada, Hunter, Shannon and Alex came by so we rolled to another spot down the street.. Here’s pics of Shannon and Stas having […]

Night 1

CASSETTE DEBUTS SPRING 09 COLLECTION AT NEW YORK FASHION WEEK Inspired by winters first thaw and the seasons symbolic new beginnings, the Spring 09 collections embody Cassettes own voyage and growth as a fashion force. After entering the scene with its formidable denim collection, the line has incorporated the fluidity of silk in its tops […]


We rolled up to Vegas on Monday.. After setting up at Project we headed over to one of the most yummiest Thai food spots around.. Then we headed over to The Palms Hotel. Our buddies from Crooks were throwing a party at the Hefner Suite. 1) Multi Room 2 Level Hefner Suite.. 2) DJ Alchemist

Hefner Suite

Stopped by to say what up to Josh at the Roxy.. He was spinning for FlowTv, DCMA, Wasted Space, X-Games wrap up party… It was a “Night in Hollywood”… Red carpet an all..Reporters from In Touch, Life in Style, People.. ect.. were there covering the event.. Heard.. Walle and Three 6 Mafia performing.. but had […]

X-Games After Party

White Tie Affair performance at the Roosevelt Hotel and the Cast of MTv’s The Hills was there to get down…. 1) Engineer 2) Josh Madden Dj’n 1) On stage Audrina and Lauren Conrad and the White Tie Affair. 2) Ryan wearing our Rude Boy tee.

White Tie Affair

In NYC for market.. Debuting Spring 09 at our new showroom Steven Alan and over at Capsule trade show. Cassette Spring 09 Femme

New York Market

55DSL hosted BPM’s 12th Anniversary party with the DJ AM, TroubleMaker, Bloody Beetroots, Old school Miami Bass 2 Live Crew and DJ Z-Trip… (In a mumbling voice..) While 2 Live Crew on stage it got a little raunchy…Cough Cough.. Z-Trip 1)Ann (55dsl), Bronques-nuff said, Charlene (55dsl–Jr. Lucky Bastard..)

Z-Trip :: 2 Live Crew

Our buddy Andrea Westerlind has a beautiful show room called All That She Wants.. She invited us to parttake in the press event with that she had last night.. All That She Wants showroom space is amazing.. 4 story penthouse space in down town.. with a patio deck and jacuzzi outside on the rooftop.. Brands: […]

All That She Wants

Picked up Tal at the DCMA store last night on the way to the Nylon and Myspace launch party for Nylon’s new issue. 1)Scarlett Johansson on the Cover of the new Nylon. 2) Big up Santogold.. 1)Pat-Volcom, Tal-DCMA 2) Kyle – X games gold medalist, Casey. 1) There was a few stations of Rock Band […]

Nylon – Myspace Party.

Maxim Magazine Hot 100 party in Paramount Studios.. The event was inside Paramount Studios. The theme was to bring a big apple feel to LA…. On tap was Hennessey Mojito’s, Chopin Vodka, Moet, Budwiser and all the yummy h’ordeurves you can eat.. 1) Megan Good and Billy. 2)Vince, Marisa Miller, Billy, and Milhouse 1)AnaMaria and […]

Maxim Magazine Hot 100

Nothing beats Spring and Fall in NYC.. After our Road trip down to Philla, Annapolis and DC. I had a day left to catch up on all the things nyc.. Had lunch (hand made soba) with John Lee from Theme.. 1)After lunch strolled over to meet cool cat Sage.. 2)Met up with Jared and girls […]

Spring Time NYC

Concert In Hong Kong..Bong!!! My last night in Hong Kong.. I get a phone call from my man Omar, say’n I got an extra pass for you.. It was about eight when I end up finishing my last meeting. I had to go straight to the event and lo and behold, the timing was perfect. […]

Concert In Hong Kong-Bong!!!

For my last night in Tokyo.. cool’d out at Yone’s studio (Creeps) after the members only Karaoke spot.. Yone’s studio is some what of a meeting place.. Really dope vibe, waves of cool peoples stopped by throughout the night.. We chilled out at Yone’s into the morning. Yo, for those who don’t know, Yone’s a […]

Yone II

After meeting up with our distributors in Japan I met up with Yone. One of the illest photographers. The Terry Richardson of Japan. I first met Yone about 8 years ago in Tokyo… His been in the mix ever since. Producing and publishing countless magazines since I first met him. I got a chance to […]


My Dude K-Mac (LV/MH) and Rickey Loc invited a small group for dinner. Kenny calls the night Politix As Usual. This months suspects, Erin (Apparel News), Raan (Apolis), Sal Masekela (E!), Jeff (Boost Mobile), Med (Roosevelt Hotel/Teddys), Dave Meyers (Radical Media), Tracy (Your Daily Thread), Cara (Atlantic Records), Theresa (Tease), Joyce (Entertainment Fusion Group), Melissa […]


More Flicks of the Spring ’08 Campaign Launch. Good Times, and Sweet Love…

*523, Spring 08 Viewing Party, II

Here, Here.. To all the beautiful people, all the magical energy, the positive vibrations,.. thanks for the good times, and the fun music, and the sweet Love… We had a Blast!!! Thank you for coming out to support our Spring ’08 Campaign Viewing. -523- *guerrilla popupshop opening later this week.. The night ended in a […]

*523, Spring 08 Campaign Viewing Party.


Rode the 24″bmx a few blocks and finally got my locks chopped over at our buddy Ramiro Rodriguez’s spot. Ramiro Rodriguez is an awesome hair doer upper.. As seen on lots of celebs but recently he was the hair stylest on our new spring campaign. His place is sic. If you need your locks chopped […]

Break’n Locks

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