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Cinespace 3rd Anniversary The Horrors like to have fun.


Cinespace 3rd Anniversary We like Vietnam.


Our buddy Josh Madden sent over this pic to us. Check out both of his brothers post’n up on the cover of The Washington Post! They dedicated 12 pages to them about the life and times of Good Charlotte. Joel (left) is rock’n Cassette’s – Caddy 1909. (check out the front dart)

The Washington Post

These guys are funny.

Chromeo // Lax

The last time Josh Madden was over with his brother Joel we rattled on about different artists and movies that inspired us. During our conversations he said he was going to send over a few things he wanted me to check out… Josh Madden is a cool ass botha. He sent over 6 dvd’s and […]

Simple Pleasures

Our buddy, stylist, DJ, and true inspiration Josh Madden(right) was in town from nyc. He stopped by our studio with his brother Joel Madden(left) to say hi. It’s really rare when after you meet with someone you change the way you see things. This is what happened to me when I met Josh. He has […]

The Madden Bro’s

James Hammonds (Left) and his friend Kamran stopped by the studio. James and Kamran are both very sharp! These two are keen to pick up on the smallest details. All the long hours seam all worth it when we hear our details are noticed. We had a good conversation about fashion. Where it’s been and […]

Weekend Vist

WGSN is a private internet site for trend forecasting and market research mainly for clothing, shoe and car design companies. I was first introduced to WGSN back in 1998 while I was at designing for Puma A.G./North America. What these guys do is attend most all the trade shows going on globally and recap the […]

WGSN putting us Blast.

After our field trip to the hills Rickey Kim stopped by our studio for a late night visit. Catching up with Rickey is always inspiring. He’re Rickey kitted up in cassette.

Rickey Loc

We closed the studio for a few hours before sunset to roll out for a little field trip to the hills. As soon as we turned the corner from our studio, almost all of us in unison noticed the unusual sunset. We had to stop the truck for a picture.


Rickey, Sky and Bart from 530 Media came by the studio last night before we headed over to check out Uffie and Feadz over at the Social. Uffie on the cover of bpm.


After running around Las Vegas on fumes– I was looking forward to coming home and literally jump into bed for a week straight. But who has time for that. I would liked to have met up with some friends from nyc after dinner, but after some home cook’n I knock the fuck out. The next […]

Sunrise on the Westside.

We had to get up somewhat early and make our journey homeward back to Los Angeles. Ana Maria had to make it home in the afternoon for a few appointments. We heard that the fwy was closed down to one lane up ahead… So we took the long way home through the desert and up […]

The Long Way Home.

Rickey Kim and Sky told me to roll over to Fruition which is one of the coolest stores if your looking for vintage gucci knock off’s swapmeet sweaters, offical spike lee’s “do’n the butt” puffy print sweat shirts.. While we were there we met up with a bunch of ny heads then headed over to […]

Fruition and the Light I I I

After getting on the road an 1 1/2hr late we were on a mad dash to set up for Project, and then rush it over to the palms and set up for our event over there. It was a good way to launch the week off in Las Vegas. 7-10pm was a powerhouse of mingling […]

Bespoke I I

Got a email today asking if we’ve seen the lastest WWD….. The cassette crew has been working tirelessly. We’ve all been working till 2am, busy with shooting Fall 2007, shipping spring 2007. So, when we get a hit like this it makes it a little easier working till the early morning hours. Both models wearing […]

WWD Cover

Cassette has a full window display at American Rag Cie. 160 S. La Brea Los Angeles CA. 90036

Bumm Rush the show!!

Today our phones were ringing off the hook….???. We got news that we got featured on Daily Candy, that would explain it. Thanks Daily Candy, we got a sweet tooth for you.

Daily Candy

Jackie (pictured left) let us stay with her at her mentors mutli million dollar condo in Park City. Thank you Jackie. Rise and shine. Premier for Chapter 27.


Check out some photos our friend Leila styled using our bib polo and jumper for an urb photo shoot.

Photo + Style Editor

During the end of the year we got a call from the sweetest french voice you could ever hear over the phone. A phone call from Paris. She was calling on the behalf of French Vogue. She was wondering if we were interested in answering some question for vogue. We were delighted. Now it’s early […]

French Vogue

It’s late, as I check in to my hotel. The receptionist states Mr. Lee welcome back, we have a package for you. I was like, really? OK thanks. It was an invitation from Angel (nike HK) to the HK AF1 party. Thanks Angel! (Mr. Rickey Kim introduced us.) After unpacking the goodies. I open the […]

Back to Hong Kong

View from the TST roof top. 35mm

Downtown L.A.

Today I received an email from my good friend I-K. It’s one of those emails you don’t ever want to get in the morning. Nothing but questions ran through my mind with no hope for any swift response. Our heart goes out to you Kabo. Rest In Peace Tabo-san, you will not be forgotten.

Rest in Peace Tabo San.

The whole Cassette gang went up to S.F. for our good friend Rickey Kim’s launch for It was nice to fly up to S.F. for the weekend. It was cool seeing Rickey in his element, he’s always a good host. (Got us all back stage to all the stages…) Metric. Girl Talk. Girl Talk. […]

Be the Riottt

Erin Barajas, is a Diamond. Thanks Erin for capturing our spirt.

Cassette in Apparel News

The Last Frontier. Summer time in Alaska, is always a grounding experience. Our family goes every summer. This summer was no exception. Besides the normal fishing and catching up with family friends that live up there all year around. I got a chance to picked up a drill and help with Mr. Kling’s house that […]

Summer time in Alaska 2006

Coachella 2006. Depeche Mode

Coachella 2006

Pictures of some pillars that are holding up our studio walls.

Studio Walls

My older brother is a pretty cool guy. Not only do I look up to him, he never ceases to suprise me. Especially when he showed me his finished new oldie. I have been to a number of car shows, and have friends that have had some pretty smooth rides. In comparison to the many […]


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